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St Mary's support Alf and Hilary Cooper in Chile through the Church Missionary Society (CMS). Alf is an Anglo-Chilean who became a South American Missionary Society (SAMS) mission partner in 1975. Hilary is the sister of Terry Barratt (who also worked in Chile and whom we supported until his retirement) and she and Alf have pioneered many initiatives in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in their years in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Alf is pastor of La Trinidad church in Las Condes, an upper middle-class area of the city. A man of prayer and action, he’s a key leader in the country’s growing evangelical movement.

Until the recent change of presidency, Alf was a chaplain to the President of Chile and found himself at the centre of the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, also known then as the "Chilean mining accident" in August 2010. He led prayers and provided pastoral support for the rescued miners and their families, subsequently touring parts of Europe with miners who told their story, inspiring faith amongst many.

CMS was formed 200 years ago following the pioneering efforts and vision of a small group of people. Today, still on the cutting edge and as an evangelistic mission in many countries of th world. CMS is passionately committed to that ground-breaking vision - to see a world transformed by the love of Jesus.

In 1844 the SAMS was formed to undertake mission work in South America. In 2010, SAMS was integrated with CMS.

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